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Irasshaimase! December 14, 2009

Posted by udonwest46 in 7. Learn Japanese.
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I think that some of you had notified that there was no 7 between 6.Hour& Map and 8.About Us in the categories. Here is 7 category now! This is the first word you hear when you enter into our place! It means Welcome!


You may think it is too long to remember or hard to pronounce it? Here is a solution! A friend of mine, who has learned Japanese for more than 10 years, tries to remember and pronounce Japanese word by representing in English word. Take a look!

E lash eye ma say.

It looks much better than the original one!

e for eBay.
lash eye sounds like eyelash and just switch the first part and the last part.
ma for Grandma.
Let’s say it three times with me.

E lash eye ma say!
E lash eye ma say!!
E lash eye ma say!!!

You have already got it! I believe that it’s always fun to learn something new in our lives. If you would like to listen to this word, just visit to our place! We always warmly e-lash-eye-ma-say you!