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Small Plates December 3, 2009

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Onigiri (Rice ball)

comes with radish pickles

Ume Onigiri (Sour plum) $1.75
Okaka Onigiri (Dried fish) $1.75
Kashiwa Onigiri (Checken pilaf) $2.00
Kahiwa does not come with Nori (dried seaweed)

Gyoza (Pan fried dumpling) $4.00

-Beef Intestines
-Extra Crispy

Extra crispy dumpling is at half price on Saturday and Sunday.

Side and Topping Menu December 1, 2009

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Lunch menu includes side dishes such as Gyoza, Inari sushi, Chicken rice ball, Miso soup, Bowl of rice, and Small salad with our homemade dressing.

We introduce these two most popular side dishes from our lunch menu.

Homemade Gyoza (Pan fried dumpling) $2.50

Inari Sushi A pouch of fried tofu (Bean curd) filled with rice. $2.00

Additional toppings for Udon are also available.
You can create your own tasty Udon!

-Sansai(Mountain Vegetable)
Sansai is eatable wild ferns. To be honest with you, some foreigners do not like the taste of Sansai. But, in contrast to them, some really like it. (We know some customers who always order our Sansai Udon.) If you have not eaten Sansai before and you would like to try, we highly recommend you to order it as an additional topping for your first time just in case. We hope you like it!

-Shrimp Tempura (Ebi Ten)
-Shrimp and Vege Tempura (Ebi Kakiage)
-Vegetable Tempura
-Bean Curd (kitsune)
-Seaweed (wakame)


-Fried Chicken
-Marinated beef
-Fried fish cake (satsuma)
-Soft-boiled egg

Weekend Special! November 26, 2009

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Our extra crispy meat dumpling, also known as Hane tsuki Gyoza in Japanese, is $4 on weekdays, but only Saturday and Sunday it costs $2! It is great for an appetizer and most of our customers starts their meal with this! 

That’s it? 

No! Also two famous Japanese beers, Sapporo draft & Kirin draft, are at half price($3) on Sat & Sun!  Beer goes very well with Gyoza! 

We hope to see you this weekend!!