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=Curry and Teriyaki Menu= December 22, 2009

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There are our curry and teriyaki menu and here is a trivia for you. Japanese do not eat teriyaki so often and I have NEVER seen salmon teriyaki in Japan! And also we eat Sushi quite less time than American expect. Personally, I have sushi three or four times a YEAR, not a week! I really like sushi but it is not a regular meal for Japanese. In contract, we eat curry a lot! Every children love curry and I think that every family have their own recipe to make it. We have our own way to make it and it is a secret. Try ours and I hope you like it!

Pork Cutlet Curry $9.50
Deep fried pork cutlet on the top and comes with a salad. Our curry tastes mild.

Chicken Teriyaki Curry $9.50

Chicken Teriyaki $9.50
Comes with a salad, miso soup, and ball of rice. If you would like to have a soup first, feel free to ask. Just let us know!

Salmon Teriyaki $9.75

==3 more days!!==

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Lunch Menu =Combination= December 5, 2009

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These are our combination menus. If you would like to see a bigger picture, please click that photo, and then the bigger photo will be shown.
More pictures will be uploaded soon!

Ebi Kakiage don Set $12.50

Shrimp and vegetable tempura bowl and
Udon combination. soft-boiled egg comes
with only this combination. You can put it
on the top of the bowl. This is one of our
best seller from the lunch menu.

Katsu don Set $12.50

Half size Katsu don (simmered fried
Pork cutlet with onion and egg) and
Udon comb. Japanese pickles (Daikon
radish and kelp) comes with if you
stay at our place.

Gyu don Set $12.50

Gyu don (Marinated beef and onion
bowl) and Udon combination. Scallion
and red ginger on the top of the bowl.
This comb is very popular for our

Oyako don Set $12.50

Half size simmered chicken and egg bowl
and Udon comb. Japanese prefer to eat
Oyako don half rare. We can make it well
done upon your request. Feel free to ask
about that.

Ten don Set $12.50
Three Shrimps and vegetable tempura bowl and Udon.

Tempura Set $12.00

Two Shrimps and vegetable tempura
and Udon combination. Bowl of rice
and warm tempura sauce come
separately so you can enjoy crispy

Katsu curry Set $12.50

Half size pork cutlet curry and Udon
combination. This combination is also
one of our best seller from lunch menu.
You can enjoy three tastes. Udon,
curry, and pork cutlet by one plate!

Chicken teriyaki curry Set $11.50
Half size chicken teriyaki curry and
Udon combination.

Curry rice Set $10.00
Half size regular curry rice and Udon

=Udon Menu= December 3, 2009

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These are our Udon menus. All Udon come with Scallion, Spinach, and Fish cake. Also, you can create your own Udon with additional toppings.

Side & Topping Menu

-Nabeyaki Udon $11.00
Two shrimp tempura, egg, and shiitake(mushroom).

-Niku & Ebi Udon $9.50
(Marinated and Shrimp Tempura)

-Niku & Kimchee Udon $8.50
Marinated beef and Kimchee

-Kara age Udon $7.50
(Fried Chicken Udon)

-Ebi Kakiage Udon $7.50
(Shrimp and Vegetable tempura Udon)

-Sansai Udon $7.50
Mountain Vegetable Udon

-Vegetable Tempura Udon $7.00
-Seaweed Udon $7.00
-Bean curd Udon $7.00

Side and Topping Menu December 1, 2009

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Lunch menu includes side dishes such as Gyoza, Inari sushi, Chicken rice ball, Miso soup, Bowl of rice, and Small salad with our homemade dressing.

We introduce these two most popular side dishes from our lunch menu.

Homemade Gyoza (Pan fried dumpling) $2.50

Inari Sushi A pouch of fried tofu (Bean curd) filled with rice. $2.00

Additional toppings for Udon are also available.
You can create your own tasty Udon!

-Sansai(Mountain Vegetable)
Sansai is eatable wild ferns. To be honest with you, some foreigners do not like the taste of Sansai. But, in contrast to them, some really like it. (We know some customers who always order our Sansai Udon.) If you have not eaten Sansai before and you would like to try, we highly recommend you to order it as an additional topping for your first time just in case. We hope you like it!

-Shrimp Tempura (Ebi Ten)
-Shrimp and Vege Tempura (Ebi Kakiage)
-Vegetable Tempura
-Bean Curd (kitsune)
-Seaweed (wakame)


-Fried Chicken
-Marinated beef
-Fried fish cake (satsuma)
-Soft-boiled egg

=Bowls= November 29, 2009

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4 types of bowls are on our lunch menu. All of them come with a miso soup.

Katsu Don(Pork Cutlet Bowl) $9.00

Simmered fried pork, egg, and onion. Scallion on the top.

Gyu Don(Beef Bowl) $8.75

Marinated beef and onion. Red ginger and scallion on the top.

It does not take time to cook Gyu don as much as Katsu don or Oyako don so we recommend you to have Gyu don when you do not have much time! Personally, I like to put a soft-boiled egg on the top and it goes very well with Gyu don!

Oyako Don(Chicken Egg Bowl) $8.75

Simmered chicken, egg, and onion. Scallion on the top.
literally, Oyako Don means Parent and child bowl in Japanese.

Ten Don(Tempura Bowl) $8.75
Comes with three shrimps and vegetable tempura. Tempura sauce on the top.