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=Udon Menu= December 3, 2009

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These are our Udon menus. All Udon come with Scallion, Spinach, and Fish cake. Also, you can create your own Udon with additional toppings.

Side & Topping Menu

-Nabeyaki Udon $11.00
Two shrimp tempura, egg, and shiitake(mushroom).

-Niku & Ebi Udon $9.50
(Marinated and Shrimp Tempura)

-Niku & Kimchee Udon $8.50
Marinated beef and Kimchee

-Kara age Udon $7.50
(Fried Chicken Udon)

-Ebi Kakiage Udon $7.50
(Shrimp and Vegetable tempura Udon)

-Sansai Udon $7.50
Mountain Vegetable Udon

-Vegetable Tempura Udon $7.00
-Seaweed Udon $7.00
-Bean curd Udon $7.00



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